DeAngela Napier Photography: Blog en-us (C) DeAngela Napier Photography (DeAngela Napier Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:04:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:04:00 GMT DeAngela Napier Photography: Blog 96 120 Yoko Ono's Wishing Tree Flashback I read in an online article that the Guggenheim Museum in New York City is hosting a short term installment of Yoko Ono's Wishing Tree art installation for this weekend only (1/20 - 1/22) in honor of the Women's March on Washington. The exhibition started back in 1996 and has travelled the world collecting over a million wishes that are being archived in the Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland. 

It reminded me that in 2012 I stumbled across this installation at the Serpentine Gallery in London, wrote my own wish and spent some time reading what others wished. 

Wishing_Tree-2-3.jpgWishing_Tree-2-3.jpg Wishing_Tree-2-2.jpgWishing_Tree-2-2.jpg Wishing_Tree-2-4.jpgWishing_Tree-2-4.jpg Wishing_Tree-0641.jpgWishing_Tree-0641.jpg

Some people wished for universal things like love and world peace...

Wishing_Tree-2-8.jpgWishing_Tree-2-8.jpg Wishing_Tree-0654.jpgWishing_Tree-0654.jpg


Some people wanted to roll back time...


Others has wishes for themselves 


Many wished were from visitors from other countries (let me know if you know what these say)...

Wishing_Tree-2-6.jpgWishing_Tree-2-6.jpg Wishing_Tree-0640.jpgWishing_Tree-0640.jpg

But most were little notes expressing whatever people were feeling in that moment...

Wishing_Tree-0655.jpgWishing_Tree-0655.jpg Wishing_Tree-0637.jpgWishing_Tree-0637.jpg Wishing_Tree-0645.jpgWishing_Tree-0645.jpg

And my favorite one was this one...


Who wouldn't wish for more of that. 

If you get down to the Guggenheim this weekend please send me a picture of some wishes, I'd love to see them.

Even if you don't get down there feel free to let me know on my photography facebook page  WHAT IS YOUR WISH? 

Today I wish for wisdom, unity, peace, inclusion, diversity, kindness, the ability to use my passion and talents to do good for others and above all LOVE. 

Stay Inspired, 



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Family Photography Session In Central Park, NYC The Summertime and the Fall are my absolute favorite times to shoot families. There are a million places to go and have fun while capturing the love of a family. 

I had the pleasure of capturing Paula & Rick's family this summer in Central Park. Zander and Tyler were so full of energy, as is to be expected with young boys, and quickly forgot I was shooting them which made for some nice candids to go along with posed compositions. 

This is the second time I have shot this family. One of the true joys of photography for me is watching people change over time through my images. 




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Featured Article on - Thinking Visually with DeAngela Napier  

   Photo Credit: Mikiodo

I am beyond honored to have a featured article written about me and my creative work on Psychology Today online portal. Columnist and clinical psychologist, Michael Friedman, Ph.D. penned an article entitled, Thinking Visually with DeAngela Napier. A Creative Path to an Open Mind.

My interview with Dr. Mike took place after he viewed and enjoyed a recent music video I produced and edited for artists, Gary Lucas & Jann Klose.  

Below is an excerpt from of the article. The entire article can be seen at here. And the video for Nobody's talking can be seen here


DeAngela Napier is a visual thinker. Napier, who works as a photographer, video producer and editor, thinks of her work as visual storytelling, in which she conveys concepts and events through images as compared to words. She told me, “When anyone mentions anything, an image comes to mind. I’m one of those people who learns best by visual things, explains by visual things.”

Napier gives an example of how she thinks about New York City.


“So if someone says, ‘What is New York to you?’ I wouldn’t think about a narrative,” Napier explained. “I would immediately think of a food cart and the smoke coming from the streets and the people. And I think it’s just an automatic thing where I wrap my head around images.”

Developmental psychologist Howard Gardner has suggested that intelligence is not a single, uni-dimensional concept. Rather, people have multiple forms of intelligence or competence, including verbal-linguistic, logical-mathematical, musical and visual-spatial. People who have high visual-spatial intelligence may demonstrate creativity in careers such as architecture and photography.



Thinking Visually With DeAngela Napier

The creative path to an open mind
Posted Jul 20, 2016
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Jillian in Central Park  

The last of my 4 days of shooting with actress/artist Jillian.

 Thanks for inspiring me Jill. 


Jill & Jeff Central Park_-3.jpgJill & Jeff Central Park_-3.jpg

Jill & Jeff Central Park_-2.jpgJill & Jeff Central Park_-2.jpg    Jill & Jeff Central Park_-5.jpgJill & Jeff Central Park_-5.jpg Jill & Jeff Central Park_-19.jpgJill & Jeff Central Park_-19.jpg Jill & Jeff Central Park_-20.jpgJill & Jeff Central Park_-20.jpg Jill & Jeff Central Park_-21.jpgJill & Jeff Central Park_-21.jpg

The last shot is Jill with her biggest fan!

Jill & Jeff Central Park_-8.jpgJill & Jeff Central Park_-8.jpg

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Jillian @ The Highline in NYC, NY  

Shoot #3 with Actress/Comedian and creative Artist Jillian. Her style is as unique and beautiful as she is.

The location for this shoot was the Highline on the west end of Manhattan.  

She's not famous yet...but keep watching!



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Vice Media - New York Headquarters I had the pleasure of shooting recently in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The first location we shot was at the Vice Media headquarters in Brooklyn, NY.

I couldn't help but take some shots of their amazing workspace as well. As soon as you walked in, you knew this work environment was different. Everyone seemed to be working hard but when they needed a break instead of standing around a water cooler, they had a coffee bar and a rooftop deck with amazing views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building to rejuvenate themselves. Folks were even taking meetings and conference calls as they walked around the rooftop garden. 

Not a bad way to spend your day at work. 



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Muse: Jillian - Williamsburg Brooklyn - June 2016 Shoot number two with my new photography muse Jillian took place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We started at the Vice office rooftop then roamed the streets of Williamsburg.

Jill is, among many other things a comedic actress who will be performing a three week run of her one woman show at the Fringe festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. We did a total of 4 shoots in a weeks time and as you can imagine, our shoots are lots of fun.


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Gary Lucas & Jann Klose @ Joe's Pub - June 17, 2016 Last year I created two music videos (Secret Wing, Fair Weather) for artists I had never seen perform live. On a recent trip to New York, I had the pleasure of seeing them play at one of my favorite intimate music venues in Manhattan called Joe's Pub. Since I had my camera with me, I couldn't resist taking a few shots. 


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Robbie - The Superhero  

I love all children, but sometimes you meet a child whose personality and presence just brings you joy. Robbie is such a child.  

I had the pleasure of spending the day with him and his mother at the Atlanta Aquarium and the hotel swimming pool. 





Jelly Fish - Atlanta AquariumJelly Fish at the Atlanta Aquarium


DeAngela & Robbie



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My New Photography Muse - Jill On my most recent trip to NYC I had the opportunity to shoot friends and strangers. I also added a name to my growing list of photography muses. First there was Maya, then Paula, and Fatima and now Jill. 

Jill is an actress, comedian and all around fantastic person. She allowed me to shoot her in various parts of New York City including this shoot in DUMBO, Brooklyn.   

Jill is not a model but you would never know it. She was so open to trying things, takes direction well and just lovely to be around. Thank you Jill for hanging out and creating some amazing images with me.


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Model in the Making One of my favorite things to do with photography is to visually document people over time. Sometimes it's an artist at different gigs or a family member every time I see them.  But what really excites me is when I can capture children as there are so many changes over a short period of time. 

I present to you my new favorite model. I had the pleasure of doing a maternity shoot with her mother and father before she was born. If I'm lucky I'll be able to document her growth for years to come. 

















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Jeff & Jill in Central Park - August 2015 Jeff and Jill are my new favorite couple to shoot. They are also my friends and always down for a spontaneous photo shoot. This one was on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Central Park.






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Adrian & Brittnay - Maternity Shoot  

One of my favorite subjects to shoot are couples. Especially when they lose themselves in each other and I can capture the subtle moments of love.  This shoot was completed shortly before the birth of their first child. 







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Freedom Is Not Free


No truer statement can be said.  Freedom is not free and on this past memorial day I searched through my archive of photos and put together a little tribute to those how have served so that we an lead the lives we have.  I shot these images at three war memorials located in Washington DC.  They were the World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War memorials. 


These images where shot at three war memorials in Washington DC. The World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War memorials. These images where shot at three war memorials in Washington DC. The World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War memorials. These images where shot at three war memorials in Washington DC. The World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War memorials. These images where shot at three war memorials in Washington DC. The World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War memorials. These images where shot at three war memorials in Washington DC. The World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War memorials. These images where shot at three war memorials in Washington DC. The World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War memorials. These images where shot at three war memorials in Washington DC. The World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War memorials. These images where shot at three war memorials in Washington DC. The World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War memorials.

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